Tribute to My Father / by Jon Paciaroni

Ed Paciaroni 1939 - 2017

Ed Paciaroni 1939 - 2017

It saddens me to say we lost a good man yesterday. My father, Edward Paciaroni lived a life impossible to describe in a few words. A bit of a renaissance man; he worked as a meteorologist, manufacturers sales rep, theologian, Master Woodworker, and a fine arts painter. He implemented his ever increasing list of ambitions with a quiet dignity and grace. From his education to his list of careers, from his skill with every kind of tool that could fashion wood, paper, canvas, or the clouds, my Dad engaged with the world as a man of many talents who would be its master. 

Self-made and self-reliant, Dad aimed to fulfill every obligation he undertook. His word was his bond, and everyone knew it. I never heard him utter a lie, nor intentionally deceive. 

Listing just a handful of things he taught me were the importance of love, integrity, generosity, the art of dry humor, and that the best restaurants are in the worst neighborhoods. He also taught me that life is precious, kindness and humor are invaluable yet free, and to follow your ambitions under any and all circumstances. 

His character is the foundation of my conscience and I am honored to have called him my Dad.

Farewell, Pop. You did good. You did real good.