"Don't Hide" - Project with Shantell Martin / by Jon Paciaroni


Day 1-4: On assignment shooting the inimitable Shantell Martin creating her latest and largest piece to date, “Don’t Hide” located at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.

Over the course of four days she allowed me full creative freedom to document her as she took on this massive endeavor of a 20,000 square foot sidewalk mural. Joking around,

I mentioned to her that capturing her process was very similar to capturing a small child or wild animal; erratic movements and completely unpredictable.  She Laughed, agreed, and continued on spray painting. As challenging to shoot as she is an absolute pleasure to work with.  An inspiring experience to work alongside such a remarkably talented individual and team. Many thanks to Nine Dot Arts and The Denver Theatre District for putting up with me for 4 days straight, and Shantell for the invitation to the mural marathon. The piece is a definite winner. 

I've created an overview of the 4 days in a web gallery. Check it out!

"My work is a meditation of lines - a language of creatures, and messages that invites her viewers to share in her creative process. Part autobiographical and part dreamlike whimsy, Martin has created her own world that bridges between fine art, performance art, technology, and the everyday experience: conversation, objects, and places." -Shantell Martin